The Bauxite Chapter

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from Saline County, Arkansas

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drop-cap letter The Bauxite Chapter of Ten-Ten International, the only 10-10 Chapter in Arkansas, began in 1977 with 13 Charter and one Honorary Charter member. There are over 100 other Arkansas members, (classified as "Local" members). Every state in the United States is represented, as well as many countries around the World. The Chapter was revised on January 1, 1997.

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The New Certificate Program
Will Be In Three (3) Stages.

Stage 1: The Basic Certificate (THE BAUXITE) requires five (5) contacts with members, one of whom must be a Charter or Local. (For our purposes, any AR member is considered a local.)
Certificate holders Number 1-15 are Charter members and include Grace, K5MRU, an honorary Charter. Grace lives in both Texas and Colorado, for those of you that may have difficulty in making contact with Arkansas.
Cost for the BAUXITE CERTIFICATE is $1.00 + 2 First class stamps.
It is also available number only via E-mail.

Stage 2: The ARKANSAS VISITOR Certificate requires 50 points and can include the same contacts used to qualify for the BAUXITE. Points are earned as follows:

		Each Charter contact          5 points

Other AR contact 3 points

Any DX or FS contact 3 points

All other members 1 point

If the member contacted has an ARKANSAS VISITOR number, add 1point to the above.
Cost for the ARKANSAS VISITOR CERTIFICATE is $1.00 + 2 First class stamps.
It is also available number only via E-mail.
It is possible to obtain both the BAUXITE and the ARKANSAS VISITOR simultaneously.
After obtaining the ARKANSAS VISITOR number, points are no longer collected. They need to remain on your list, however, to help others who are working on Stage 2 of the program.
From Stage 3 forward, Bauxite becomes a contact-based program.

Stage 3: The ARKANSAS STATE PARKS Certificate is the newly added program. It begins with contacts made on or after January 1, 1997, and you must have an AR Visitor number of your own to begin. (Previous AR Visitor numbers collected cannot be used.)
You exchange AR Visitor numbers with fifteen (15) other AR Visitor members to qualify for the new Certificate, which will include an official booklet describing the State Parks of AR with a map showing their location.
The application for this certificate must show the Date, Call, 10-10# and AR Visitor number for each of the 15 contacts.
Cost for this certificate is $2.00 and the mailing will also include the first Seal with a pamphlet describing the Crater of Diamonds State Park.
This Certificate is NOT available number only, as there are seals to affix.

There will be 14 additional seal opportunities, each Seal upgrade will require an additional 10 AR Visitor contacts, (NO DUPES) and each seal will include a pamphlet describing another of the State Parks.
The cost for each Seal/Pamphlet is a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Please include one unit of postage for each 2 Seals/Pamphlets requested.

Completion of the first five Seals will add one point to your total.
Completion of all 15 Seals will add another point to your total and will open the door for another program to be developed and called ARKANSAS TRAVELER.

Chapter Nets are held at 28.470 on Sunday and Monday evenings at 8:30 local (Central) time. (0130Z Monday and Tuesday, Summer; 0230Z Monday and Tuesday, Winter)

Image is the Bauxite Certificate.

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Some Bauxite History

Our Chapter name, The Bauxite Chapter, came from the unique- ness of our location. Saline County and central Arkansas is the only place in the continental United States where it has been economically feasible to commercially mine the Bauxite ore. Mining of Bauxite began here in 1899 and increased each year, peaking during the World War II years when the need was the greatest because German subs were sinking the ore ships from Suriname. Alcoa developed and built a Bayer-Sinter plant for processing the Bauxite ore into Aluminum oxide, which is the product that is converted into metal aluminum by the reduction process.

During the peak years, as much as 1,000,000 long dry tons (per year) of Bauxite were mined and processed locally by Alcoa. After World War II, the original plant was sold to the Reynolds Metals Company, and Alcoa built a new Bayer-Sinter plant in the Benton Area. The chemical plant that was added to the refining plant has produced as many as 135 different chemical by-products from the refined aluminum.

The high grade, low silica content Bauxite ore is no longer available and the low grade ore that is left is not economically feasible to process, so the mining and refining plants for both Reynolds and Alcoa have been shut down. Alcoa does continue to operate its chemical plant, using shipped in Alumina from other refineries.

For almost 100 years the Bauxite industry has played a very important part in the life of Saline County, Arkansas and its people.

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Image is 1010 Clock Stamp.Image is 1010 Cat.

Peg Porterfield
Certificate Manager, Bauxite Chapter