Welcome Aboard The Steamboat Plus!
The Red River Valley Chapter (widely known as Steamboat)
of Ten-Ten International
first began in 1975 as a no-upgrade program.
It went QRT in 1980.

Enter John, N5FJ, Captain; Mel, KD5DE, First Mate;
and a new, dedicated group of Shreveport, Louisiana locals.
It is August, 1985.
An idea arises!  Let's host a Convention!

The idea was presented to the Board of Directors, Ten-Ten International.
In February, 1986, the Board officially sanctioned the Convention,
to be held in honor of Ten-Ten's 25th Anniversary.

The very first Ten-Ten Convention was held
in Shreveport, Louisiana in August, 1987.

On April 1, 2002, the Red River Valley (Steamboat) Chapter
became The Steamboat Plus with KD5DE at the helm.

Nets are held each Saturday, 1430Z, on 28.855.
All amateurs with band priviledges are invited to join us!

Please feel free to browse the site.
Visit the links for the normal Chapter application, details,
and upgrade form.
Enjoy the fun, historical pages too!

Welcome Aboard and 73,
Mel  KD5DE
and the Steamboat Plus Roustabouts